wild tracks radio

wild traks radio are a group of young artists from Edinburgh; Jamal, Khiana, Tara and Rona, and a composer living on the Isle of Skye called Richy Carey. The group are interested in sounds and sci-fi, and work together to imagine new ways exploring their surroundings through field recording, story writing and soundtrack making. Initially working through the COVID lockdowns of 2020, the group devised a series of sci-fi radio docu-dramas that grew from sounds collected around their homes and created three episodes Under Okta in Peril, Water Walkers and the Listening Crystal.

Tara and Rona’s episode, wild tracks radio: Under Okta in Peril follows the adventures of Pheen the scientist and her robot sidekick Ultra - *, who teleports to different worlds seeking to understand the Crescendo, a terrible sound that is plaguing their home world of Under Okta.

Jamal and Khiana’s episode, wild tracks radio: Water Walkers follows the adventures of Katra and Kool, two siblings who live on a watery planet full of wonderous spiritual peoples and animals. The two adventurers dive down into the depths of their ocean and find a magical crystal that opens up a portal into another world.

wild tracks radio: the Listening Crystal is the third and final episode in the series, which weaves together both narratives in their shared searching of the universe for a legendary sound that is rumoured to have the power to bring peace to their home worlds.

wild tracks radio (2020)

wild tracks radio: the Listening Crystal (2021) 

Documenation of Process

wild tracks radio was originally commissioned by Collective, Edinburgh and premiered on Radiophrenia 2021. The third episode, wild tracks radio: the Listening Crystal was commissioned by LUX Scotland and BBC Arts and premiered on BBC Radio 6.