My work tends to look at the intersection of sound, moving-image and language, with a particular focus on materiality and collaboration.
2015 ~ PhD research. Speculative Sound: New Materialism, Language, Film Sound. Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art.
2012-2014. MSc with Distinction in Composition for Screen, Edinburgh College of Art.
2004-2008. BMus Upper Second Class Honours, University of Edinburgh.
UNESCO City of Music artist in residence, Glasgow 2018.
Arts and Humanities Research Council – Full funding for PhD research from the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities.
BAFTA New Talent 2015 Scotland Winner – Composer – Lichtspiel: Opus I.
BAFTA New Talent 2015 Scotland Nominee – Sound – Phonic Imagery.
Hope Scott Trust 2018.
Glasgow University Kenneth Elliot Scholarship award recipient 2015.
Rhyme or Reason, LUX Scotland/ Collective Gallery. Bursary winner.
Arts Trust Scotland grant as emerging composer in Film and Television 2013.
IdeasTap Innovators Fund winner for All at Sea 2013.
Author – Near By. Artist book. Project Rooms. 2018.
Composer – the TWIST (is that you’re just like me). Audiovisual installation. Children’s Exhibition, Tramway, Glasgow. 2018.
Composer – Special Works School. With Bambitchell. Sound for film. Gallery TPW, Toronto. 2018.
Composer – Wondering Soul. With Alexander Storey Gordon. Live-to-air 10.2 surround installation. CCA Glasgow. 2017.
Programming – Making Material: Materiality, Sound and Moving-Image. Round Table Discussion at CCA Glasgow. 2016.
Composer – Film Score. Commission from Rhubaba Gallery Choir to create new video score for choir. 2016.
Writing – Time Regained. Commissioned text. Published as part of Don Levy exhibition at SWG3 for Glasgow International 2016.
Programming – Sound Thought 2016, Dialogues: Music and Sound across the Arts. Three day festival of Sonic Art bringing over 50 contributors to Glasgow for talks/screenings/performances, CCA Glasgow. 2016.
Programming – Square Legs, Round Bowls. Anneke Kampman, Beatrice Gibson, Joe Howe, Rob Churm, Torsten Lauschmann. Stereo, Glasgow Film Festival. 2015.
Programming – Talking about Watching and Listening. Panel Discussion on Audio/Visual language at CCA, Glasgow w/ SWG3. 2015.
Composer – Shape of Words to Come. Triptych of works in collaboration w/ Lauren Printy Currie, Tom Walker and Tom Varley. St. Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburgh. 2014.
Composer – Lichtspiel: Opus I. Goethe Institut supported score for Walther Ruttmann film. St. Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburgh. 2014.
Sound Artist – Phonic Imagery. Music and Screen Media Conference 2014. Liverpool University, Liverpool. 2014.
Composer – Bridges. Cross arts project w/ Martin Cathcart Froden and Libby Walker. The Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh. 2014.
Composer – The Message. Work for 7 laptops and Skype. Sound Thought 2014. CCA, Glasgow. 2014.
Composer – Little Phantasy. Score to Norman Mclaren film co-written with Josh Sabin. Tollbooth, Stirling. 2014.
Composer – All at Sea. Cross arts project w/ Martin Cathcart Froden and Libby Walker. 2013.
Composer – Life in 3D. Cross arts project. Edinburgh Science Festival, Edinburgh. 2013.
Composer – The Mirror and the Lantern. Short Opera. Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh. 2008.
Worked as
Sound Artist – Part-Time. Margaret Salmon. Circle. Tramway, Glasgow. 2018.
Sound Artist – April. Sarah Forrest. GFF, Margaret Tait Award. 2018.
Sound Artist – On the waves of the air, there is dancing out there. Carrie Skinner. Telfer Gallery, Glasgow International. 2018.
Sound Artist – Memo to Spring. Sarah Rose. Scottish National Galleries of Modern Art, Edinburgh. NOW. 2017.
Sound Artist – Forms of Action. Asunción Motions Gordo. CCA Glasgow. 2016.
Sound Artist – Cinepoems. Rachel McCrum, Calum Rogers, Jonathan Lamy. 2016
Sound Artist – INCONGRUOUS DIVA. Cara Tolmie and Will Holder. The British Art Show and vinyl release. 2016.
Sound Artist – There’s Something Happening Somewhere. Carrie Skinner. Torn Theatre and the Poetry Club. 2016
Sound Artist – The Health Benefits of Eating Silica. Lauren Gault & Zoë Claire Miller. Tramway for Glasgow International 2016.
Sound Artist – Laughter Track. Sound design commission for Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Bothy Project. 2016.
Composer – The Journey. Workshops and Soundtrack for theatre, GYAH. Govanhill Baths. 2016.
Sound Artist – Untitled. Sound Design for film, Dir. Ross Birrel. 2015.
Sound Artist – Now that I have explained what is to be done, I will proceed to do it. Carrie Skinner. Project Room, Glasgow. 2015.
Sound Artist. Documenting organ performance of recital of Robert Ashley’s ‘The Entrance (for Larry Leitch)’ by Will Holder and Anna McLauchlan for LUX Scotland. 2015.
Sound Artist. Documenting organ performance of recital of Hannah Darboven’s ‘Requiem’ by Thomas Dahl for LUX Scotland. 2015.
Composer – The Library. Music for Theatre, Frozen Charlotte. 2015.
Composer – Drago. Music for Film, Dir. Massimiliano Milic. 2015.
Musician – Paperbelle. China tour, Frozen Charlotte. 2015.
Musician – Distant Voices. Recorded album at Chem19 and performance at CCA Glasgow for VOX LIMINIS. 2015.
Sound Artist – BLOCKED ARCH, DEFERRED CEREMONY, DAWN CHORUS. TRA-DIDDLE DA. LIKE A FLY IN SLOW SUSPENSE. Gareth Moore. Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow. 2014.
Musician – Paperbelle. English tour, Frozen Charlotte. 2014.
Musician – Paperbelle. Norwway tour, Frozen Charlotte. 2014.
Sound Artist – CAOS. Sound Film for community arts group. Clydebank, Glasgow. 2014.
Sound Artist / Composer – The New Masters. Dir. David Dempsey. 2014.
Musician – Paperbelle. Germany/Lichtenstien tour, Frozen Charlotte. 2014.
Musician – Paperbelle. Luxembourg tour, Frozen Charlotte. 2014.
Composer – Yound and Wild. Dir, Felix Maxim Eller. 2014.
Musician – Paperbelle. Scottish tour, Frozen Charlotte. 2013.
Composer – BFF. Dir, Sanja Marjanovic. 2013.
Musician – Paperbelle. Irish tour, Frozen Charlotte. 2013.
Composer – Weekend Warrior. Dir, Conxita Fornieles. 2013.
Composer – The Voice Pickler. Music for theatre, Thimble Collective. Arches, Glasgow. 2013.
Musician – Paperbelle. English tour, Frozen Charlotte. 2013.
Composer – Etxea. Dir, Bash Gengis. 2013.
Composer – The Lieutenant of Inshmore. Dir, Enterprise Screen. 2012.
Composer – The Umbrella Objective. Dir, Naill Walker. 2012.
Composer – Modjool. Dir, Wake Up Advice. 2012.
Musician – Bear Bones. Arranger and multi instrumentalist. Released two singles through IR records and Eli and Oz records.2012.
Musician – Open Swimmer. Multi instrumentalist in left-field pop group. Self released EP OSEP. 2012.
Musician – Tommy Reilly. Session bass guitar player for solo artist signed to Universal Records subsidiary A&M records. 2012.
Composer – Swedish for Hello. Dir, Alessio Avezzano. 2009.
Composer – Felix. Dir, Ellie Lotan. 2008.


Teaching/Community Arts.
Community Arts – UNESCO project, workshops with Deaf Youth Theatre. 2018.
Community Arts – UNESCO project, workshop with KIN, Vox Limins. 2018.
Community Arts – UNESCO project, workshop with Time for Art. 2018.
Community Arts – UNESCO project, workshop at Romanti-crash, Jupiter Artland. 2018.
Community Arts – UNESCO project, workshop with Youth Pride Glasgow. 2018.
Community Arts – UNESCO project, workshop with Lodging House Mission. 2018.
Workshop – Sounding in / Sounding out. Day long workshop for LUX Scotland. 2018.
Community Arts – Tapestry Project. Music project with Prof. Nigel Osborne on behalf of Scottish Government. 2016.
Community Arts – Children’s Classic Concerts. Arts programme in ASN schools across Glasgow. 2017.
Graduate Teaching Assistant – University of Glasgow. Tutoring Interacting with Sound course w/ honours students. 2016.
Community Arts – EyemouthSound. Devised Sound Art Summer School. 2016.
Community Arts – Musicall. Music Tutor at Hazelwood ASN School. 2016.
Community Arts – In Tune. Programme of workshops in Barlinnie Prison and Polmont Prison with fathers and children through Vox Liminis. 2016.
Associate Lecturer – University of the West of Scotland. Lecturing on Cultural Theory and Composition. 2015.
Community Arts – Kids Parliament. Workshops for children around The Shock of Victory exhibition. CCA, Glasgow. 2015.
Community Arts – Wee Happenings. Kids Workshops. Tramway, Glasgow. 2015.
Community Arts – Distant Voices. Songwriting workshops at Castle Huntley for VOX LIMINIS. 2015.
Community Arts – Sugar Beats. Songwriting workshops for Moving On, Inverclyde. 2014.
Community Arts – GAIN. Songwriting workshops for teenage bands. 2014.
Community Arts – Distant Voices. Songwriting workshops at Low Moss for VOX LIMINIS. 2014.
Community Arts – Afty Choir. Children’s Choir. Hyndland ASC, Glasgow. 2014.
Community Arts – KPC Summer School. Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow. 2013.
Community Arts – HMP Edinburgh. Music Workshops in Saughton prison. 2007.
Community Arts – Music Workshops. Mostar, Bosnia. 2006.