There is no wrong way to sound.
Listen to the voices around you.
The texts are only lines, follow them, bend them, or forget them.
Let the image be the conductor.

In 2018 I was invited to be Glasgow’s first UNESCO City of Music artist-in-residence and over the course of a year devised the work with numerous community groups and choirs from across the city. Composed in four movements, I introduces the form of the work, then II, III and IV sequentially build upon the I, the We, and the Us, the intra-agential flow between these positions that emerge through an attention to the sound of accents, and our ongoing collaborative construction of the world. The work is realised by its audience, sounding entirely different each time it is performed, reflecting the histories, presents and imagined futures of those who create it.

Åčçëñtß was funded by UNESCO Cities of Music, Glasgow Life, the Scottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities and Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019.  First performed at the Glasgow Royal Concert Halls as part of the Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019. All images are courtesy of the artist.

Live Performance &  Documentation of Process