2015-2021. PhD practice research. Listening Games | Collaboration in the Matters of Film Sound. University of Glasgow.
2012-2014. MSc with Distinction in Composition for Screen, Edinburgh College of Art.
2011-2012. SVQ Level 2. Playwork. West College Scotland. 
2004-2008. BMus Upper Second Class Honours, University of Edinburgh.


2020. Wild Tracks Radio | The Listening Crystal.
          BBC Arts, LUX Scotland.
2020. Wild Tracks Radio 
          Collective, Edinburgh.
2020. C I T H R A | compositions.
          Gasworks, London.
2020. Pause. 
          Images Festival, Toronto.
2019. Bugs & Beasts Before the Law.
          With Bambitchell.
          Mercer Union, Toronto. Henry, Seattle.
2019. The Forest of Everything. 
          With Wendy Kirkup.
          LUX Scotland / Margaret Tait 100.
2019. Accents.
          UNESCO City of Music Artist in Residence. 
          Glasgow Royal Concert Halls / Glasgow Short Film Festival.
2018. Near By.
          With Lauren Gault, Mark Bleakley, Sarah Rose, Martin Cathcart Froden, Alexander Storey Gordon, Alexis Mitchell and Sharlene Bamboat.
2018. Tone, Texture, Timbre.
          Artist Moving Image Festival, Tramway, Glasgow.
2018. Words for Timbre.
          Romanti-Crash, Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh.
2018. the TWIST (is that you’re just like me).
          Children’s Exhibition, Tramway, Glasgow.
2018. Special Works School.
          With Bambitchell.
          Gallery TPW, Toronto. Berlinale, Berlin. Union Docs, New York.
2017. Wondering Soul.
          With Alexander Storey Gordon.
          Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow.
2016. Film Score.
          With Rhubaba Gallery Choir.
          Sound Thought, CCA Glasgow.
2016. Music to My Eyes in Time Regained.
          For Alexander Storey Gordon.
          Glasgow International.
2015. Lichtspiel: Opus I. 
          Stereo, Glasgow Film Festival.
2014. Shape of Words to Come.
          With Lauren Printy Currie, Tom Walker and Tom Varley.
          St. Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburgh.
2014. Phonic Imagery. 
          Music and Screen Media Conference, Liverpool University.
2014. Bridges.
          With Martin Cathcart Froden and Libby Walker.
          The Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh.
2014. The Message.
          Sound Thought, CCA Glasgow.


Selected Studio Projects
2020. Sound Design + Sound Mix – Salmon | A Red Herring. Cooking Sections. Tate, London.
2020. Sound Mix – A So Called Archive. Onyeka Igwe. KW, Berlin.
2020. Sound Design + Sound Mix – RESET. Alberta Whittle. Frieze, London. 
2020. Sound Mix – Cosmic Domestic. Victoria Evans. BBC Arts, Scotland.
2020. Sound Design + Sound Mix – Méduse. Lauren Gault. Common Guild, Glasgow.
2020. Sound Mix – Deep Space Call & Response. Victoria Evans. Design Informatics, Edinburgh.
2020. Field Recordings – Trailers. Isabel Lewis. Art Night, London.
2020. Sound Design + Sound Mix – C I T H R A. Lauren Gault. Gasworks, London.
2020. Sound Design + Sound Mix – Ashley. Jamie Crewe. Glasgow Film Festival, Glasgow.
Sound Design + Sound Mix – No Archive Can Restore You. Onyeka Igwe. KW, Berlin.
2019. Sound Mix – Child of Magohalmi and the Echoes of Creation. Zadia Xa. Tramway, Glasgow.
2019. Sound Mix – Ways of Seeing. Kathryn Elkin. Projections, Tyneside.
2019. Sound Mix – The Narrator. Sarah Forrest. Hospitalfield, Arbroath.

2019. Location Recording – Home. Margaret Salmon. Random Acts, Channel 4.
2019. Sound Mix – Between a Whisper and a Cry. Alberta Whittle. Glasgow Film Festival, Glasgow.
2018. Sound Mix – Part-Time. Margaret Salmon. Tramway, Glasgow.
2018. Sound Mix – April. Sarah Forrest. Glasgow Film Festival, Glasgow.
2018. Composer – On the waves of the air, there is dancing out there. Carrie Skinner. Telfer Gallery, Glasgow International.
2017. Sound Design + Sound Mix – Memo to Spring. Sarah Rose. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh.
2016. Sound Mix – Forms of Action. Asunción Molinos Gordo. CCA, Glasgow.
2016. Sound Mix – Cinepoems. Rachel McCrum, Calum Rogers, Jonathan Lamy. 
2016. Sound Mix – INCONGRUOUS DIVA. Cara Tolmie and Will Holder. British Art Show, Southampton.
2016. Composer – There’s Something Happening Somewhere. Carrie Skinner. Tron Theatre, Glasgow.
2016. Sound Mix – The Health Benefits of Eating Silica. Lauren Gault & Zoë Claire Miller. Tramway, Glasgow International. 
2016. Sound Mix – Laughter Track. Rhubaba Gallery Choir. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh.
2016. Programmer – Sound Thought 2016, Dialogues: Music and Sound across the Arts.
2015. Location Recording – Untitled. Ross Birrel.
2015. Sound Mix – Now that I have explained what is to be done, I will proceed to do it. Carrie Skinner.
2015. Programmer – Square Legs, Round Bowls. With Anneke Kampman, Beatrice Gibson, Joe Howe, Rob Churm, Torsten Lauschmann. Stereo, Glasgow Film Festival.
2015. Location Recording + Sound Mix – Robert Ashley’s The Entrance (for Larry Leitch). Will Holder and Anna McLauchlan.
2015. Location Recording + Sound Mix – Hannah Darboven’s Requiem. Thomas Dahl.
2020. Lecturer + Module Coordinator – Film Music. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
2019. Tutor – Listening in Culture. University of Glasgow.
2019. Tutor – Sonic Arts: Interacting with Sound. 
University of Glasgow.
2019. Programmer – listening.watching.speaking. LUX Scotland.
2019. Visiting Lecturer – Audiovisual Composition. University of Glasgow.
2019. Workshop – Now and Next: Sound for Moving Image. LUX Scotland / BBC Scotland.
2019. Associate Lecturer – 
Contemporary Debates in Art & Performance. University of the West of Scotland.
2019. Visiting Lecturer – Interactive Audiovisual Media. University of Glasgow.
2018. Associate Lecturer – Art & Performance Research Methods. University of the West of Scotland.
Workshop – Sounding in / Sounding out. LUX Scotland.
2016. Programmer – Making Material: Materiality, Sound and Moving-Image. CCA Glasgow.
2016. Tutor – Sonic Arts: Interacting with Sound. University of Glasgow.
2016. Summer School – 
EyemouthSound. Alchemy Arts.
2015. Programmer – Talking about Watching and Listening. Glasgow Film Festival.
2015. Associate Lecturer – Key Issues and Current Affairs. University of the West of Scotland.
2014. Tutor – Performance: Context and Practice. University of the West of Scotland.
Selected Community Arts Projects
2019. In Tune. Vox Liminis, HMP Greenock.
2019. MusicAll, Langlands ASN Primary School.
2019. Translanguaging. University of Glasgow.
2018. In Tune. Vox Liminis, HMP Barlinnie.
2018. MusicAll, Hazelwood ASN Primary School.
2018. Accents. UNESCO / Vox Liminis.
2018. Accents. UNESCO / Deaf Youth Theatre.
2018. Accents. UNESCO / Maryhill Integration Network.
2018. Accents. UNESCO / Lodging House Mission Choir.
2018. Accents. UNESCO / Time for Art.
2018. Accents. UNESCO / Youth Pride.
2018. Accents – Sonic Meditations. UNESCO / Glasgow Life.
2017. Motherwell: The Opera. Prof. Nigel Osborne / Tapestry.
2017. BIG Choir.
2017. PEEK Collective.
2017. Room on the Broom. Children’s Classic Concerts.
2017. MusicAll, Hazelwood ASN Primary School.
2017. In Tune. Vox Liminis, HMP Barlinnie.
2017. Kids Parliament. Shock of Victory, CCA Glasgow.
2016. In Tune. Vox Liminis, HMP Barlinnie.
2015. Wee Happenings. Tramway, Glasgow.
2015. Distant Voices. Vox Liminis, HMP Castle Huntly.
2014. Sugar Beats. Moving On, Inverclyde.
2014. GAIN. Greenock.
2013. Summer School. Kinning Park Complex.
2007. Music. HMP Saughton.
2006. Summer School. Pavarotti Music Centre, Mostar, Bosnia.
2018. UNESCO City of Music artist in residence, Glasgow 2018/19.
2018. Scottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities.
2017. Hope Scott Trust.
2016. Arts and Humanities Research Council.
2015. BAFTA New Talent Scotland Winner – Composer – Lichtspiel: Opus I.
2015. BAFTA New Talent Scotland Nominee – Sound – Phonic Imagery.
2015. Kenneth Elliot Scholarship Award.
2013. Arts Trust Scotland.
2013. IdeasTap Innovators Fund.