Document of Performance.

Accents, 2019, HD video, 32 min 59 sec.
Film-score, live choral work for any number of voices.

Commissioned by Glasgow Life as Glasgow’s UNESCO City of Music artist-in-residence 2018.


Accents are sounds between an I and an Us.

I hope this work asks questions about where our accents come from, how they sound in the here and now, and ways we might listen for them in the future. I hear accents as a constant flux, a space for listening and a space for speaking, a place where inside and outside are always in motion. They are a place of finding, of resonance, of history and aspiration.


An experiment in moving-image/text scores. The film has instruction scores as subtitles which instruct the audience as to the types of sounds they might choose to make to create its soundtrack live with the film. The overarching instructions for the work are;

There is no right or wrong way to sound.
Listen to the voices around you.
The texts are (guide)lines, bend them, follow them, or forget them. 
The image is your conductor.

Introduction to project.